Monday, January 11, 2010


Passion is the nectar that makes life sweet and the hue that gives it it's brightness. Having moved through most of my life without having found what it is that I was most passionate about I can say that without it one tends to feel a bit lost. Thankfully I believe that finding our calling is part of what drives us, that we are made to search out and discover our passions so that we can be found.
Knit. Run. Love. Those are the three things that fill me up and make me whole. My husband and children make everyday glow. Finding that one person who loves you so strongly that you are finally able to truly be you is the most freeing thing that I have ever experienced. Having first our daughter and then our son calmed my soul and brought to the surfaced the mommyness that I was unaware existed.
Running has been with me for a very long time. It took many years for me to recognize it and give it the importance that it needed in my life, thankfully it laid there waiting for me. Now that I have allowed running to play its proper role I am a much happier person.. It is while I am out in my running shoes merrily pounding the pavement that I have the time to really think things through or to allow my mind to wander. My running epiphanies are my most favorite.
Knitting. What can I say? When you break it into its parts it doesn't look like much....needles, yarn and only two stitches. But it is with this simple activity given to me by my grandmother that my creativity flourished. Cuddling my babies up in a new sweater that I have just made for them is the most beautiful feeling. In my mind and hopefully someday theirs each stitch is saying, "your mommy loves you, stay warm and safe little one."
This blog is intended to be part journal, and part portal for my family to see our goings on. So that even from far away they can peer into our lives. Here it goes.