Monday, February 6, 2012

4 Month Sweater

I am a fast knitter, like creepy fast. Generally I am able to make an adult sized sweater in 2-3 weeks, a child's in just days. I need to forget about my previous sweater finishing abilities. Now with baby in tow and two big kids to drive to and from school I am finding that my knitting has slowed to a crawl. This sweater was started about 3 weeks before Willa's birth and was finished just last week. Ugh, a 4 month sweater. Staring at the same yarn, the same pattern for 4 months was completely foreign to me and it bothered me.

But then on a run I decided the following: Any knitting, and any finished product is a triumph when you have 3 babies, a husband, a home to care for and a job. I also decided to put the lace knitting on the back burner and stick to easier projects for the time being. Seems like a sound plan, lets hope that I can put it into practice.