Sunday, March 14, 2010

Out comes the sun!

It is amazing what a little thing like a change in the weather can do for your disposition. The long winter appears to be making its exit and for the first time in months the roof is icicle free. I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to strap on my running shoes and head outside which reaffirmed my love for running just as the long runs on the treadmill had begun to tarnish it. Outside in the fresh air with my IPOD the world is looking like a friendlier place.

My babies too are grateful for the warmer days. They have already been out to inspect every muddy corner of the yard, and have each of their amazing discoveries breathless with excitement. We are going to try to have a vegetable garden for the very first time. Charlotte has been helping me nurture my little seedlings which are thriving on our back (indoor) porch. Everyday we check on them and tell them nice things so that they will grow big for us this summer!

I have decided to attempt a lace project. The beginning did not go very well, there were some harsh words spoken and more than once needles were thrown hastily into my knitting bag with force (take that yarn and sticks!). But now all is well and with a successful swatch in hand I am waiting for my first hanks of malabrigo yarn to arrive. I have been dying to try malabrigo ever since I started listening to the Knitmore girls, those ladies cannot get enough of it!

Alright that is enough blogging for now, mostly because I am using the blogging to avoid my homework which desperately needs to be done!

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