Saturday, April 28, 2012

Knit a Long

This is my friend Chrissy. Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? (You have totally caught me quoting, and in fact singing as I type, a Stevie Wonder song) I have known this amazing human being since I was in the seventh grade. She was the older and so cool that I could hardly speak in her presence sister to my junior high bff. Flash forward 20 or so years and I find myself doing the happy clap dance whenever I get an email from her, or plotting for months so that we can see a movie together. Plotting is required because unfortunately I live 9 hours away from my darling friend.

Chrissy is the kind of girlfriend that you hope that you end up living with in Miami when you are eighty (a la Golden Girls.). If that scenario ever plays out I hope that I am a mix between Betty White and Bea Arthur (you know sarcastic but fun and funny at the same time but not as ditzy as Rose). Anyway I digress.  She is an amazing mama, and her cooking is to die for.  Seriously, she needs to prepare my last meal for me.  She is also a devoted gardener and one of those women that always has perfect hair. 

A few months back Chrissy and I decided to do a knit a long of the Nanook pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier out of the lovely Quince and Co. yarn, Lark.  The amount of glee that was enjoyed planning this knit a long and actually doing this knit a long is hard to describe.  First there was deciding on colors (I LOVE her choice!!), then the receiving of yarn and then casting on.  So much happy clapping and giggling happened (at least on my end) that I am surprised that I was still able to complete (most of) my responsibilities here at home.  It was not all rainbows and sunshine though, we both had to rip out substantial portions of our sweaters in order to achieve the project we had in mind.  Had to may be a misstep there, what I should say is that we are both perfectionists and chose to rip back sweaters to repair minute errors that would have called to us from our closets in the night had we ignored them.  But even ripping out isn't so bad when you have a friend to commiserate with.

I spend a lot of time missing Chrissy, or lamenting that making cinnamon rolls with her would be so much more fun, and wishing that I could call her up and say, "Let's go shoe shopping, be there in 5."  But during our knit along I kinda felt like we were hanging out, both working on the same thing at the same time.  Conquering lace patterns, and wishing that a seemingly easy edging detail would die is so much more fun when you are doing them with your friend.


  1. I hate the perfect-hair people! Okay, I don't hate them, I'm just jealous. With my best friend having just left me for an awesome life in Boulder, I feel like I can totally relate to this. It's too bad she doesn't knit! I can't wait to see your finished knit-along sweaters!

    1. Ummm, hate to tell you this but prepare for some self loathing because your hair always rocks the party too.