Saturday, December 15, 2012

What I learned this year

Before my children were here I thought that they were for us.  I realize now that we are here for them, and happily so.

Silence is an option.

Give people 1st, 2nd, 3rd, chances.  Actually stop counting chances, and be thankful that the people that love me aren't counting mine.

Letting things that I knew were important to me reign in my life brings me peace, and leaves me to wonder why I waited so long.

Friends are not overrated.  I am thankful for the beautiful people that help me navigate this life and share their joys and sorrows with me.

When you buy onions in bulk it is time to admit that you don't hate them anymore.

Loving others is more important than being loved.

Our house is not a starter home.   It is the place that welcomed our  babies, where we tuck them in at night and it should be loved as such.

Porter is not an evil dog, he is just a tricky character, and one that I should pet more often.

Live in gratitude.

People that have different opinions than my own are not idiots.  I need to listen, and ask respectful questions.  Maybe we can find a common goal, a way to work together. If I want to raise tolerant compassionate children I have to work on those traits in me.

Never, never stop growing.

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  1. I love your constant quest to love and accept Porter. =) I'm so grateful I have you as a friend. As wise as you already are, you are constantly looking to learn more and better yourself and I feel I have a lot I could learn from you.