Thursday, June 23, 2011

Knock. knock. "Who's there?"

18 weeks in with Baby Trois

This morning I woke up to a familiar but wonderful feeling. Our new baby decided that 6am was the best time to start practicing somersaults in my belly. Knowing that this is my last time to experience all of this wiggling and squiggling kept me happy amidst my new alarm clock and also in bed for at least 15 minutes just to feel this little person move. The baby is excited because today is the day we will find out just who is in there. Well, hopefully. We had an opportunity last month but someone (not going to name any names, mostly because not knowing who is in there, I can't) decided that shyness was the order of the day.

When I was pregnant with our second child I had a wave of panic pass over me. What if I did not love this child as much as I loved our first born? I was terrified. After experiencing the all powerful love that one feels for their child I wanted no part in short changing a new life. Of course, seconds after holding Max I never worried about that again. And now with this baby I have abandoned all such crazy fears. I was in love from the moment that this tiny person was given to me.

Charlotte and Max are very excited as well. We all take daily stock of the growth of my belly (which Max feels at time could just be a reminder of a meal taken way too far). I cannot wait to find out who is joining my little family, cannot wait to hold him or her, smother them in kisses. But also I am happy that we are only at week 22 and not 40, this time, the third time, I am soaking up every second. I want to file into memory every kick, every hiccup and roll. A habit I think that will continue long past birth as we welcome our last child, hoping to experience enough baby sweetness to last a lifetime.

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