Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thar she grows

I love the way that time will appear to be slowly creeping by. It lulls you into a comfortable trance where you actually begin to think that it has frozen. Then SMACK, you are thrown back into reality and grasping to hold on for one more second of your former peace. This summer was the lull and for me this week is the smack.

My little girl started kindergarten this week. After an amazing weekend of proving to me just how grown up she is. This was done by declaring that she too wanted to be a knitter and then sitting beside me for hours while her tiny hands learned the feel of the needles and yarn. I cannot convey how sweet it was to have her tucked in beside me, intently focused on her goal and without one time trying to give up. What an amazing little person I helped create.

Today while I was supposed to be listening to the kindergarten teacher I found myself staring at my little person. How did we get to this day already? How was it that my heart was not completely empty before she came to fill it? And how on earth has it not exploded with the love that it holds for her brother and sister? Surely somewhere a physics professor toils on this very same question.

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  1. I've been a slacker about keeping up with blogs, so this is kind of a late response but a response was needed as I teared up a little reading this. Ever since Charlotte and her other friends went to kindergarten, Alivia keeps talking about when she gets to go to kingergarten, she's so excited and anxious! I'm of course both of those things, but I sure hope time takes it, um, well, time!! Alivia fell asleep in my lap yesterday afternoon. How many more times will that happen? I'm starting to feel those moments are already numbered!